Selected publications and public documents by Ben Shaine


Alaska Dragon coverAlaska Dragon, a novel published by Fireweed Press in 1991, explores the relationship between the contemplative and activist life in the context of a story set in a fictional version of McCarthy, Alaska. The novel was the core of the author’s Union Institute doctoral dissertation. The doctoral dissertation also included a context essay and footnotes.

See a  review  in the Anchorage Daily News.

horizontal white spaceDefendingWildWashingtoncoverStudents enrolled in an Evergreen State College program co-taught by Ted Whitesell and Ben Shaine are all co-authors of  Defending Wild Washington: A Citizen’s Action Guide, edited by Ted and published by Mountaineers Press, 2004.

Ben Shaine worked with students through the year of research, writing and editing of the manuscript and wrote Chapter 5, Entering the Political Wilderness.

Defending Wild Washington book authors
Defending Wild Washington book authors

horizontal white spacecommunity&copper cover

The National Park Service commissioned Community & Copper in a Wild Land to inform employees of tourism businesses and the public about the cultural and natural history of the McCarthy area of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve. Published by the Wrangell Mountains Center in 2005.

horizontal white spaceAlaska Natural Landscapes Landscape Types thumbnailThe Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission contracted with Richard J. Gordon, Benjamin A. Shaine, and illustrator Ayse C. Gilbert, for Alaska Natural Landscapes (Commission Study 33, 1978) to inform its recommendations regarding proposals leading to the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980.

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Interviewing a Rock coverInterviewing a Rock: Visuals for presentation on the geologic story of the big conglomerate erratic boulder along the Glacier Trail north of Kennecott, Alaska, prepared for a talk at the Wrangell Mountains Center in McCarthy, August, 2011.horizontal white space

Fort Worden Kennecott comparision coverPossible Lessons from Fort Worden National Historic Landmark & State Park for Planning and Management of Kennecott Mines National Historic Landmark, Wrangell-St. Elias National Preserve, Presentation to National Park Service workshop on interpretive planning for Kennecott, Alaska, June, 2011.Microsoft Word - Document1

Park planning memos

Donoho BasinDonoho Basin management issues and options analysis, prepared for Wrangell-St. Elias park superintendent, July, 2009.

horizontal white spacePotential Kennecott area trail systemComments on National Park Service draft Kennecott Action for Management, with design for a potential Kennecott area trail system, September, 2011.

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About environmental education curriculum

B.A. Shaine, The Wrangell Mountains Center’s College Field Program: Student-Faculty Groups Engage Alaska Wilderness Issues in Rugged Terrain, International Journal of Wilderness, 10:2, August, 2004, 39-42.

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Draft manuscripts

These documents are not yet in final form. Comments appreciated.

Roger Conner and Ben Shaine, “An Analytic Framework for Public Policy Advocates,” 8-21-12 draft.

Roger Conner and Ben Shaine, “Building Blocks of Strategic Policy Advocacy.” 8-13-12 draft.

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