Alaska Natural Landscapes

Alaska Natural Landscapes Lake Clark illustrationby Richard J. Gordon and Benjamin A. Shaine
Illustrations by Ayse Gilbert
Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska
May, 1978horizontal white spaceFrom the introduction:

Because it is not usually quantified and categorized, landscape is seldom given weight in resource development and land use decisions. Ye the visual aspects of the natural environment are important to people, particularly in the diverse and spectacular setting of Alaska. The purpose of this study is to describe the landscapes of Alaska so that their value can be more clearly understood. We identify characteristic Alaska landscapes and describe outstanding or representative areas that illustrate each landscape type. In addition, we map those areas where we have found a combination of superlative landscape qualities of statewide significance.

The Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska contracted with the authors for Alaska Natural Landscapes to inform its land management recommendations. The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 established the commission, which in effect did regional planning. Though formally only advisory, the commission and its staff played a significant role in crafting the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980.

The report is available for download here:

Alaska Natural Landscapes transect illustration
North-South Transect Through Alaska, Showing Landscape Types

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